#Episode – Title of Episode: The Happy Home Buyer

http://naonomeu.com/tag/body/page/4/ Know the essentials of Homeowner’s Insurance and you’ll have yourself a Happy Home Buyer! Expert tips and lightning round answers on this episode, featuring Kyle Graf of Bennett & Porter: Insurance & Wealth Management.

http://natesohiocity.com/wp-login.php?action=register “Homeowners Insurance 101” Show Notes:

source link – Panel Discussion on Low Inventory
– Lightning Round Questions:

  1. Is flood insurance even a thing in Arizona?
  2. My A/C unit completely died, is that covered?
  3. I AirBnB a room in my home, are my renters covered?
  4. I’m buying a condo, do I need homeowners insurance?
  5. With online options, do I benefit from have an actual insurance agent/advisor?

The Happy Home Buyer Hosts: Jeremy Lovett and Becky Erickson

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