#33 – Estate Law Essentials: The Happy Home Buyer

get link Are you old enough or rich enough to start thinking about Estate Planning? Jeff Lynch, President of The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Lynch, has the answers in this week’s lightning round and it might surprise home buyers!

http://qrudestudio.com/tag/alphabet-photography/ “Estate Law Essentials” Show Notes:

http://nzeft.org/welcome-to-the-new-zealand-community-of-emotionally-focused-therapy/ – Panel Discussion on Interest Rates
– Lightning Round Question: Should I Call You If?

  • I’m buying my 5th rental home and holding title in my own name.
  • Bought my home, roof leaks like a sieve after first storm.
  • Selling my home, 3 days before close of escrow and buyer’s loan docs are not at Title.
  • Husband and I having 3rd kid, closing on a home.
  • I own real estate, but I’m not “wealthy”.

The Happy Home Buyer Hosts: Jeremy Lovett and Becky Erickson

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