Low Down Condo Financing Made Easier

View on YouTube Fannie Mae made some changes that will now make it easier for folks to buy Condos with as little as 10% down while avoiding the massive condo warrant ability process. For more information about this or home financing give me a call at 480-744-6040 or email me at Jeremy@JJLovett.com Facebook Twitter Google+ Read more about Low Down Condo Financing Made Easier[…]

All Time Sales Records

In this week’s video I cover the great national sales figures that were released this week. One of the headline figures was existing home sales as the number was the highest we have seen since February of 2007. We knew June was going to be a strong month but this figure certainly was a bit Read more about All Time Sales Records[…]

Fannie Mae and FHA Updates

Another minor change comes directly from our company as we have lowered our minimum credit score requirement on FHA loans to 580. FHA themselves does not set a minimum fico score so it has been up to the individual lenders to establish their comfort zones. Most lenders have fallen between the 620 and 620 mark Read more about Fannie Mae and FHA Updates[…]

Amazing Sales Figures

In this week’s video I share some world news and some terrific local Real Estate news. Starting with the world news I am sure that by now you have heard about China and Greece. China’s stock market has taken a 30+% plunge and Greece is again on the verge of being completely out of money. Read more about Amazing Sales Figures[…]