Meaningful Sales Figures

This week I cover some more great sales stats that show how our market is doing as we wrap up fifth month of the year. The figures are pretty positive across the board starting with total sales up 9% this year compared to last year. Breaking down the figures to just sales over $200k you Read more about Meaningful Sales Figures[…]

Person Property Negotiations

This week I cover something that I am seeing more and more of in the purchase contracts that are coming across my desk. That is personal property being negotiated as part of the purchase contract itself. Having sold Real Estate I understand why this is being done as it is the most straight forward and Read more about Person Property Negotiations[…]

CFPB and RESPA Regulations

This week I wanted to cover a question that I have heard posed at multiple meetings and directly to me over the last couple months. That is the question of when will the new CFPB regulations regarding the exchange of goods and services for business between Title Companies, Realtors, and Lenders be implemented. We are Read more about CFPB and RESPA Regulations[…]

New Hud and GFE Myth

This week I wanted to correct a myth that I have begun to hear floating around our market concerning the changes that are coming up for us in August. The migration of the GFE and HUD1 into a new set of disclosures is going to really change the way disclosures work in our business. One Read more about New Hud and GFE Myth[…]

Strong R.E. Sales Indicators

This week I wanted to cover a couple of data pieces that were released this week which further support the strong sales data we have seen in the valley so far this year. The first is that purchase mortgage applications are up a full 21% compared to this time last year. That is a significant Read more about Strong R.E. Sales Indicators[…]