Low Down and NO Mortgage Insurance

This week I wanted to cover a topic that has been brought up by more than a few of my clients over the last couple months to clarify it a bit. The question usually comes in as “I heard about this loan program with 5% down and no mortgage insurance…do you have that?” I am Read more about Low Down and NO Mortgage Insurance[…]

New CFPB Changes

This week I wanted to give another quick update on the new forms we will all be encountering starting in August. I gave a brief update on these about a month ago and since then we have had additional training and news on how these forms will be implemented. I continue to stay positive as Read more about New CFPB Changes[…]

Positive Real Estate Sales Data

This week I wanted to share some eye opening sales statistics from our now complete first quarter of 2015.  It appears that we have ended the quarter on a high note and the numbers really show it.  Total sales when we compare Q1 2015 to Q1 2014 were up a total of 8.5%.  This is Read more about Positive Real Estate Sales Data[…]

Avoiding Closing Delays

This week I wanted to clue you in on the two biggest delays that my Realtors partners are relaying to me over the last couple weeks.  I have covered these topics recently so that you would anticipate the slow down and today I wanted to give you a couple ideas on how to get past Read more about Avoiding Closing Delays[…]

Boomerang Buyers Tip

This week I wanted to highlight where we stand as we come to the end of the first quarter of 2015 and give you some advice on how to deal with Boomerang buyers.  The lending side of our market is rounding out the first quarter in a good way and these Boomerang buyers are certainly Read more about Boomerang Buyers Tip[…]

Financing Flip Properties

This week I wanted to clarify some information about a topic I have covered a couple times over the last month or so which is financing Flip properties.  I have mentioned that FHA is no longer allowing the financing of Flip properties which has spurred quite a few questions from you all about what really Read more about Financing Flip Properties[…]

Huge Shift in FHA Financing

This week I wanted to point out the huge shift we have seen in FHA financing over the last sixty days or so.  Back in January I let you know that FHA had announced some pretty major changes primarily focused on lowering their monthly mortgage insurance premium to .85%.  We theorized that this would cause Read more about Huge Shift in FHA Financing[…]

IRS Holding Up Closings

This week I wanted to give you a heads up on some items we watch out for once we reach tax time like we have this year.  Each loan that we do has to have verifications from the IRS included in the file before they get done.  Simple borrowers are going to require W2 and Read more about IRS Holding Up Closings[…]

Federal Reserve Rate Concerns

This week I wanted to update you all again on the current rate environment.  The reason for the update this week as it was a bit of a nail biter week for us on this side of the table with multiple pieces of economic and housing data coming out as well as a much anticipated Read more about Federal Reserve Rate Concerns[…]

Eye Opening Sales Figures

This week I wanted to formally answer the question I have been asked by more than a few of my Realtor partners and that is “What do I think of this market and our sales.”  I have my own internal barometer that knows how my business is doing but I pulled some sales stats from Read more about Eye Opening Sales Figures[…]